Pregnancy and Tea

I work with a lot of clients that drink tea. Green tea, black tea, chamomile tea are staples in many cultures. Tea is such a healthy alternative to drinking coffee, but is it safe to drink while pregnant. Many types of tea still do contain high amounts of caffeine which is not recommended for pregnant moms.

Beverage Caffeine Per 8 oz Cup

White Tea 30-55 mg

Green Tea 35-70 mg

Oolong Tea 50-75 mg

Black Tea 60-90 mg

Coffee 150-200 mg

However, drinking warm drinks Post-Partum is recommended in the Chinese Culture during the 30 days of confinement or rest period. So these are some healthy and safe alternative types of teas that you can drink. Click on the picture above and you can find tea bags that you can use to make your own tea mix with some of these herbs. I like to mix ginger, red date, nettle, rasberry leaf (if you want to increase milk supply) You can pick up some tea bags on amazon and make your own mix of tea which is very simple.

My Favorite right now is Hibiscus Kiss Tea which is caffeine free and it's available at Dunkin Donuts.

Beverage Caffeine Per 8oz Cup

Ginger Tea 0mg

Nettle Tea 0mg

Red Date Tea 0mg

Rose Tea 0mg

Lavender Tea 0mg

Mom should be aware that many blogs recommend peppermint tea because it also had 0mg of caffeine, however as a lactation counselor it's also one of the herbs that may affect breast milk supply. So if you plan on breastfeeding I would definitely not recommend peppermint tea.

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