Breastfeeding While Traveling

As modern 21st century women, I'm sure that we've all gone on trips and vacations around the world. Many mothers and fathers think that after having a baby, this will all end and they will be on lock down for at least the next ten years. Traveling with an infant is more difficult than traveling alone but it can be manageable.

Here are some tips:

  1. International Breastfeeding Logo - This logo pictured above is very common in some countries. Many countries have restrooms where moms can breastfeed in a nice room with all the toiletries that she needs. Plan your rest stops and check to see if the place you are visiting has breastfeeding rooms. In some countries there are designated seats on the trains and buses for mothers and children.

  2. TSA can be a pain in the butt for most people. However for moms, they will allow mothers to bring breast milk that is greater than 3 oz onto the plane as long as it's declared beforehand. Also they will allow mothers with babies to bypass the x-ray portal checks.

  3. Even if you are breastfeeding make sure you bring extra pumped milk for those unplanned emergency moments. Sometimes with travel it maybe be hard to stick to a very strict schedule. Don't stress, stay calm, and everything will be fine.

  4. Make sure you check your voltage of your breast pump and outlet plugs for the country or place you will be visiting. It's very common that your voltage can blow out your outlet converter so it's always good to keep an extra one.

  5. Lastly simplify as much as possible. Less is more. Most places you can just buy whatever you need.

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